Yummy Sprouts Salad

It takes loading lean protein to maintain a healthy body. This Sprout Salad Recipe that I have for you today is a perfect substitute to the boring plain sprouts. Loaded with protein and the sweet and tangy taste,this recipe is sure to make you refill your bowl. For this Sprouts Vege Salad Recipe, You need:... Continue Reading →

Hello Nutella Pancakes

Who doesn't crave delicious hot pancakes? Especially the ones topped with nutella?Well I don't know any such person who wouldn't like to relish this lip-smacking combo! Try this very simple Nutella Pancakes recipe and go creative with additional toppings; Be it strawberries,maple syrup choco chips,honey etc. Here I have topped my pancakes with crushed chocolate... Continue Reading →

Bread Coin Pizza

Pizzas are such a delight anywhere,anytime. However, sometimes you don't really feel like going through a lot of trouble for baking a pizza and you wish there was a short cut kind of way to curb your pizza craving. Besides, sometimes the heavily loaded pizza makes the calorie watchers take a step back from satiating... Continue Reading →

Pan-Baked Beans

  Here's a delicious breakfast fix to pamper your taste buds. Baked Beans have many versions to it. You can have them with raw veges or cook them in curry or bake. What I have combined it with, is a special Mayo- Mom's home made Mayonnaise (low-fat) that is super healthy. Soya bean along with... Continue Reading →

Homemade Whole Wheat Cookies

The fragrance of freshly baked cookies itself is so mouthwatering that one cannot escape from gorging on a few. These cookies are so rich in flavor of cinnamon and cardamom that you are bound of pick another cookie! A perfect partner for tea, these cookies are made with the help of easily available ingredients. For... Continue Reading →

Spongy Carrot Cake

How about I tell you that there is one such cake that is so delicious and healthy at the same time that you wouldn't think twice before indulging in it. Today I have for you, my favorite sponge cake recipe- Spongy Carrot Cake Recipe. Perfect tea/coffee meal and super easy to prepare. For this Carrot... Continue Reading →

White Sauce Pasta

Today I have a very simple Pasta recipe with homemade White sauce and flavors that you will savor. So here is your super easy to make White Sauce Pasta Recipe- For this Recipe, You need- 200 grams Pasta (Fusilli/Penne/Rigate or any) (I have used Whole wheat Penne Pasta by Delmonte) 2 tablespoon Butter 2 tablespoon... Continue Reading →

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