Whole Wheat Bread

Eating out of a homemade bread loaf is satisfying to the core. You know the ingredients you are using, you know the personal hygiene that you are maintaining and you know the freshness of your product. Above everything the health benefits of a whole wheat bread are icing on the cake. So here is what... Continue Reading →

VlDelicious Banana Walnut Cake

A lovely moist banana cake is something I simply adore and when combined with wj You h e ryalnuts, it tastes h so delicious! I am fond of this Banana Walnut Cake Recipe, that is simple to prepare. Just remember, keep your measurements right.:) For this Banana Walnut Cake Recipe, You need- 2 fully ripped... Continue Reading →

Dates & Walnut Cake

Dates & Walnut Cake is a hit with my family. Every body just enjoys indulging in a generous slice and every time this Cake is baked, it ends up getting finished within minutes.                   Try this amazing Dates & Walnut Cake Recipe that is very easy to make. You just have to follow the right measurements... Continue Reading →

Homemade Whole Wheat Cookies

The fragrance of freshly baked cookies itself is so mouthwatering that one cannot escape from gorging on a few. These cookies are so rich in flavor of cinnamon and cardamom that you are bound of pick another cookie! A perfect partner for tea, these cookies are made with the help of easily available ingredients. For […]

Spongy Carrot Cake

How about I tell you that there is one such cake that is so delicious and healthy at the same time that you wouldn’t think twice before indulging in it. Today I have for you, my favorite sponge cake recipe- Spongy Carrot Cake Recipe. Perfect tea/coffee meal and super easy to prepare. For this Carrot […]

Tangy Tamarind(Imli) Rice

Blend of Indian flavors in any dish makes it so savory. Here is a simple and lovely dish that will take your taste buds on a treat roll. I personally love these Tangy Rice and hope you guys enjoy these flavors too. Serve with Curd Raita or Vegetable Raita. For this Tangy Tamarind Rice Recipe, […]

Veges Pasta Salad

Sometimes all you want is to indulge in a Salad fix that pampers your taste buds and is healthy at the same time. The best part about making a salad is-even though you have the same basic ingredients, each time you can prepare a dressing that has a distinct taste and in turn you can... Continue Reading →

Chicken Pasta Salad

When the flavors of soft chicken and raw vegetables combine to give a fusion salad, the taste buds are up for a treat! 😋 So here is one such fusion salad that is  super easy to prepare -   Chicken Pasta Salad-   For this Salad, you need:- 5 circles of chicken salami cut into... Continue Reading →

Spanish Omelette

A healthy and filling breakfast is a wonderful way to kick start the day. Eggs are the easiest option when it comes to choosing a meal for a quick breakfast fix. However, variations in preparing eggs are infinite. Anybody who likes eggs can actually prepare a new recipe every time! No Kidding..😞That's how much egg... Continue Reading →

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